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The Asia-Pacific region is a major part of the worldwide network of U.S. bases and facilities that support the global war on terror and enables the United States to extend its reach far beyond its own shores. Bases in Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan/Okinawa serve as key training grounds for the Iraq War. Moreover, Guam, Diego Garcia, South Korea, and Okinawa are among the transit points for troops and military supplies for the war.

U.S. Military Footprint on the World


Clark Air Base is a former United States Air Force base on Luzon Island in the Philippines, located 3 miles west of Angeles City, about 40 miles northwest of Metro Manila. Clark Air Base was an American military facility from 1903 to 1991. Following the departure of American forces in 1991, the base eventually became the site of Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and the Clark Freeport Zone.

U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay was a major ship-repair, supply, and rest and recreation facility of the United States Navy located in Zambales, Philippines. It was the largest U.S. Navy installation in the Pacific and was the largest overseas military installation of the United States Armed Forces after Clark Air Base in Angeles City was closed in 1991.

U.S.-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) governs the treatment of U.S. servicemen in military units and defense personnel who are in the Philippine territory for short periods for joint military exercises approved by both the Philippine and U.S. governments. It entered into force on May 27, 1999, eight years after the closure of U.S. military bases in the Philippines in 1991.

When the Philippines closed down the American Clark air base and Subic naval base in 1992, it lost billions in revenues from long-term lease payments and onshore consumption by military personnel. Moreover, the Philippines regarded the American presence as a security guarantee against the increasingly predatory practices of China. With their protectors gone, the Filipinos had to increase spending on the navy alone by a sorely scarce $6.5 billion in 1997.

Guam/Marianas Islands:

Andersen Air Force Base (AFB) is a United States Air Force base located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) northeast of Yigo in the United States territory of Guam, Northern Mariana Islands. Andersen is one of four Bomber Forward Operating Location [BFOL] in the Air Force. These locations provide forward support to bomber crews deploying overseas in Europe, Southwest Asia and in the Pacific.

Andersen is one of two critical bases in the Asia Pacific region. The other location is Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Guam’s almost unrestricted airspace and the close proximity of the Farallon de Medinilla Island, a naval bombing range about 150 miles north of here, makes this an ideal training environment.

Naval Base Guam is a strategic U.S. naval base located on Apra Harbor, Guam. It is home of Commander Naval Forces Marianas, Commander Submarine Squadron Fifteen, Coast Guard Sector Guam and Naval Special Warfare Unit One and supports 28 other tenant commands.


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Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific was established at Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), Sembawang Terminal, in July 1992, after the command’s reloaction from Naval Station Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines.

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South Korea

Kunsan Air Base is a United States Air Force base located on the western side of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the Yellow Sea. It is at the town of Gunsan approximately 150 miles (240 km) south of Seoul.

Osan Air Base(K-55), is a United States Air Force facility located in the Songtan section of Pyeongtaek City, South Korea, 64 km south of Seoul. Despite its name, Osan AB is not within Osan City, which is 7.5 km to the north.

This is a list of U.S. Army posts in South Korea:

• Camp Ames
• Camp Carroll
• Camp Casey
• Camp Castle
• Camp Colbern
• Camp Coiner
• USAG Daegu
• Camp Essayons
• Camp George
• Hannam Village
• Camp Henry
• Camp Hovey
• USAG Humphreys
• Camp Jackson (Korea)
• Camp Kwangsa Ri
• Camp Kyle
• Camp Long
• Camp Market
• Camp Nimble
• Camp Red Cloud
• Camp Sears
• Camp Stanley
• Camp Walker
• Camp Yongin
• Far East Dist Engr
• H220 Heliport
• K-16 Air Base
• Kunsan Pol Terminal Site
• Madison Site
• Masan Ammunition Depot
• Pier #8
• Sungnam Golf Course
• Swiss and Swed Camp Mac HQ
• Tango (U.S. Army)
• Watkins Range
• Yong Pyong
• USAG Yongsan