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Okinawa Governor Nakaima & Mayors Hand U.S. Military Base Closure/No New Base Construction Request to Japanese PM Kan

On Feb. 8, Governor Nakaima and a group of Okinawan mayors handed a request to Naoto Kan, asking the Japanese prime minister to move the US Marine Air Station Futenma off the island and to cancel the plan for a new "replacement" mega-base in Henoko, an environmentally sensitive area on the island. The mayors included Mayor Susumu Inamine of Nago City, Mayor Takeshi Asato of Ginowan City, and 9 other mayors from base-hosting communities. Their request, the first formal request of 2011, follows a 15-year sit-in protest at Henoko; a 3-year protest at Takae in Yanbaru Forest; and numerous statements, plebiscites, resolutions, elections, and annual mass protest rallies across Okinawa — all demanding the closure of Futenma and the cancellation of the proposal of a new U.S. base at Henoko.

Joint Statement by Ginowan and Nago City Mayors

Translation of the Joint Statement by Ginowan and Nago City Mayors to Oppose the Construction of Futenma Replacement Facility within Okinawa.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s Message of Solidarity with the Japanese People

Statement of U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich - Message of solidarity with the Japanese people regarding the issue of U.S. Military Bases in Japan.