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Dialogue Under Occupation conference in Okinawa, Aug 4-8, 2011

Even if you can't attend, please check out the program, website, and blog for the Dialogue Under Occupation conference in Okinawa, Aug 4-8, 2011.

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Around the Globe, US Military Bases Generate Resentment, Not Security

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, publisher and editor of The Nation, a progressive news magazine, spotlights The Network for Okinawa in her June 13, 2011 article discussing the U.S. system of 865 military bases worldwide that costs American taxpayers $102 billion annually (not including the 135 newly constructed bases in Iraq and Afghanistan): The plain truth is that the staggering resources we spend to support an empire of bases isn’t making us more secure. Instead, they fuel resentment and consume resources desperately needed to invest here at home, as well as targeted development aid that could be used more wisely and efficiently by non-military experts.

It’s a Shame Chalmers Johnson Did Not Live to See the U.S. Air Base on Okinawa Closed

John Feffer of the Institute for Policy Studies pays tribute to the late Chalmers Johnson, renowned critic of U.S. military empire, underscoring Johnson's argument that the U.S. cannot economically or politically afford to construct another military base opposed by almost all citizens in Okinawa.

Chalmers Johnson’s Op-Ed in the LA Times

Professor Chalmers Johnson's op-ed in the Los Angeles Times opposing plans for a new U.S. military base in Okinawa.