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Documentary discusses the history and current state of the Okinawan issue


In March of this year, we met a press delegation from QAB Broadcasting in Okinawa.  Mr. Godo Kusayanagi and his team were here in DC to develop a documentary on the current state of the Okinawan situation in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa from the US back to the nation of Japan.  The following is a short preview of the documentary.

The preview is in Japanese, however, the people interviewed spoke in English, so it shouldn’t be hard to follow the conversation.  Several experts express their views on the Japan-US relationship and the burden of the Okinawans.

Click here to view the film.

Experts included in the piece are as follows:

Mike Mochizuki

Professor Mochizuki holds the Japan-U.S. Relations Chair in Memory of Gaston Sigur at the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. Dr. Mochizuki was director of the Sigur Center for Asian Studies from 2001 to 2005. He co-directs the “Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific” research and policy project of the Sigur Center. Previously, he was a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He was also Co-Director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Policy at RAND and has taught at the University of Southern California and Yale University.

Michael O’hanlon

Michael O’Hanlon specializes in national security and defense policy and is senior author of the Iraq and Afghanistan Index, projects. Before joining Brookings, O’Hanlon worked as a national security analyst at the Congressional Budget Office. His current research agenda includes military strategy and technology, Northeast Asia, U.S. Central Command, and defense budgets, among other defense/security issues. O’Hanlon is a member of General David Petraeus’s External Advisory Board at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. He worked as special assistant to President Reagan and editor of the political magazine Inquiry. He writes regularly for leading publications such as Fortune magazine, National Interest, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Times. Bandow speaks frequently at academic conferences, on college campuses, and to business groups. Bandow has been a regular commentator on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC.

Steve Clemons

Steve Clemons is Washington editor at large for The Atlantic and editor of Atlantic Live. He writes frequently about politics and foreign affairs.  Clemons is a senior fellow and the founder of the American Strategy Program at the New America Foundation, a centrist think tank in Washington, D.C., where he previously served as executive vice president. He writes and speaks frequently about the D.C. political scene, foreign policy, and national security issues, as well as domestic and global economic-policy challenges.

Bill Snape

Bill Snape is Director of Adjunct Development and a Fellow in Environmental Law at American University’s Washington College of Law.  He is Senior Counsel to Center for Biological Diversity with emphasis on global warming, endangered species and public lands conservation as well as Vice Chair, American Bar Association (TIPS) Committee.  Mr. Snape currently serve as Chairman Emeritus of the Board for the Endangered Species Coalition and is a member of U.S. President’s Trade and Environment Committee (TEPAC).