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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Okinawa Outreach: “Save Takae! Voice your opposition to the resumed US helipad construction!”

The engaged scholars at Okinawa Outreach are asking for support from Americans in voicing opposition to the resumed, forced U.S. military Osprey aircraft helipad construction by the Okinawan branch of the Japanese Defense Bureau. At the beginning of this year, the Bureau accelerated the destruction of one of the best-preserved areas of Yanbaru Forest to make way for the U.S. military helipads. John Feffer, spokesperson Network for Okinawa, stated the following in February: We urge all parties to exercise firm restraint. We call on the Japanese and American governments to respect the democratic wishes of Okinawans who have overwhelmingly voted to prevent new base construction on Okinawa. It is an incredible tragedy the Japanese and American governments insist on pushing forward with a construction plan that would cause irreparable damage to one of the world’s most diverse biosystems. During a time of economic crisis and mounting deficits, it is shocking that both countries have embraced a plan that cuts education and social welfare programs while supporting a construction plan that benefits only the military-industrial complex.” The site the U.S. has chosen is a habitat for numerous endangered species unique to Okinawa, including the Okinawa woodpecker. Please read and respond to this latest plea for support for democracy, ecological preservation, and peace from Okinawa.

Okinawa Outreach: Mangetsu Matsuri (Full Moon Festival) – Celebration of Earth, Life and Peace Continues in Okinawa

Via Okinawa Outreach, a website coordinated by engaged scholars in Okinawa: "The 13th Mangetsu Matsuri (Full Moon Festival) will take place at Oura Bay in Nago, Okinawa on November 12 (Sat.) and 13 (Sun.). This year’s Mangetsu Matsuri is organized under the subtheme “Toward Communities without Military Bases and Nuclear Power Plants,” reflecting what happened in the Tohoku region of mainland Japan in March this year."