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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The World Turned Upside Down in East Asia & the Pacific

Scholar Gavan McCormack describes Okinawa's stable, resilient, participatory democratic society as a beacon of hope and reason in East Asia, a region that has been rocked by unstable political leadership in Japan and the Korean peninsula. Joint war games under U.S. direction, serving to intimidate China and provoke North Korea, has transformed the area's stability of over fifty years into geopolitical volatility. McCormack concludes that, to avoid war, Okinawan spirit must spread to its neighbors.

Where is Okinawa Going? Forum at Okinawa University on Dec. 19, 2010

This forum will present and discuss Okinawan perspectives on the current situations surrounding the southernmost islands of Japan, amid the ongoing controversy over "Futenma relocation" issue, from three aspects: 1) environment and biodiversity, after the Convention of Biological Diversity (COP10) in Nagoya; 2) regional geopolitics in the wake of the Japan-China conflict over the ship collision near Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands ; 3) Okinawa-Japan-US relationship and the military base issue after the gubernatorial election. Time and Date: 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday, December 19 Location: Classroom 3-101, Okinawa University

US for Okinawa featured in The Japan Times

Network for Okinawa coalition member, US for Okinawa, was featured in The Japan Times on Nov. 27. The article, which spotlights some of the wonderful young people in the movement to close Futenma and save Henoko, was written by Jon Mitchell, also a contributor to Foreign Policy in Focus.

Mr. Toyama Sakae, “mayor” of Henoko Tent Village, died on December 5

Mr. Toyama Sakae, "mayor" of Henoko Tent Village, died on December 5. The members of the Network for Okinawa extend their heartfelt condolences to all Okinawans, especially the residents of Henoko. Yumiko Kikuno's essay, "Henoko, Okinawa: Inside the Sit-In," published at The Asia-Pacific Journal on Feb. 22, 2010, describing her visit to the small coastal village in northern Okinawa with Satoko Norimatsu, pays tribute to Mr. Toyama and his legacy.

It’s a Shame Chalmers Johnson Did Not Live to See the U.S. Air Base on Okinawa Closed

John Feffer of the Institute for Policy Studies pays tribute to the late Chalmers Johnson, renowned critic of U.S. military empire, underscoring Johnson's argument that the U.S. cannot economically or politically afford to construct another military base opposed by almost all citizens in Okinawa.