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No Local Consent: 84% of Okinawans oppose new military base construction at Henoko

PHOTO: Nago Citizens’ Gathering on May 28 to protest the U.S. and Japanese Governments’ joint statement to build a new base in Henoko. 1,200 people attended. (photo from Dugong Keijiban blog.)

English translation of the Mainichi News poll originally posted at the Peace Philosophy Center website

Latest Mainichi Shimbun poll, conducted from May 28 to 30 with Okinawans

84% of Okinawans oppose a new base construction in Henoko.
6% agreed.

Support for Hatoyama: 8%
(drop from 63%, in November 2009)

71% don’t think Marines are needed in Okinawa
15% think they are needed.

50% think US military bases in Okinawa should be reduced, and 41% think
they should be removed.

55% think Japan-US Security Treaty should be changed into a Peace Treaty,
and 14% think it should be abolished. 7% think it should be maintained.